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. **p-<-0, 01; n.s. -not significant) and plusses between the gldt1 single and the TxGT double mutant

, Figure 5. Oxygen-dependent gas exchange of gldt1, TxGT and the wild type

. Boyes, plants were transferred to normal air (390 ppm CO2) and used for gas exchange measurements at varying oxygen concentrations (3%, 21%, and 50%, balanced with N2) after one week acclimation to the altered atmosphere. Mean values ± SD (n = 5-8) are shown for (A) net CO2 uptake rates (A) and oxygen inhibition of A and (B) CO2 compensation points (?) and slopes of the ?-versus-oxygen concentrations (?), Plants were grown in high CO2 (1500 ppm) with a 10/14 h day/night cycle. After 7 weeks (growth stage 5.1, 2001.

, Pyridine nucleotide contents in wild type, gldt1, trxo1 and TxGT plants during CO2 transition

. Boyes, 2001) plants were transferred in normal air (390 ppm CO2) with otherwise equal conditions. Leaf-material was harvested in HC (9 h light) and in normal air (1 and 9 h light), respectively. Shown are mean values ± SD (n > 6) of pyridine nucleotides (NAD + , NADH, NADP + and NADPH) quantified by spectrophotometric analysis. Asterisks indicate significant alterations of the mutants to the wild type according to Student's t-test

, Levels of selected metabolites in leaves of the wild type, trxo1, gldt1 and TxGT mutants grown in HC and normal air

. Boyes, leaf-material was harvested in both conditions after 9 h illumination. Shown are mean values ± SD (n > 4) of selected metabolites quantified by LC-MS/MS analysis, 2001.

, 01) and plusses between HC and normal air values of each genotype (*p<0.05). For a more comprehensive dataset including statistical evaluation please compare Supp